Dark Crystal Collections & Entertainment 

Dark Crystal Collections & Entertainment 



Our vision of the depths of art.

       Welcome to Dark Crystal Collections and Entertainment.We believe that art can be created in an infinite number of ways, from paintings to escorts. We value every customer. All of our  services, and products may be chosen from the gallery. You may also contact our friendly customer service department and request a specific service, or product to be customized and dedicated to fit your desires. As our company expands, so will the types of art and entertainment we offer.Due to construction, and only for a short time, some of our services and paintings will not be available. However, rest a sure we are constantly updating everything.

What do you do, to do what you want?

Please be patient with us

How to go where?

1. By reading our home page,you know how our art is expressed. At this time our site can be both simple and complicated,the way all art is.


2.  Most people are interested in what and who the artist are.Behind the art that we expose, like we expressed before,our art will become more diverse as our company expands.

     If you wish to know " who does what for now", Simply click on the menu. That will direct you to our "Meet the team". That page should answer all of your questions.

3. If you are interested in seeing the products we offer, simply click on the menu. This will direct you to the option that says Gallery.       Once you click on that, you will be taken to the amazing world of what our artist call "self photography". Thus portraying photos of our products. 

4. All of the art,both services and products may be ordered over the phone. At this time we sudgest clicking on the menu and by clicking on the Contact Us. This page will be contacting us during our business hours ,by phone. Unfortunately the construction has made it a bit difficult to reply to online.

5. Last but not least, the page that offers any links,and more art that can be displayed. These are on the Images and Links page. Once again it will bring you to the way the artist on our website veiw the definition. Please click on the menu page and then click on what the artist, Mimi,veiws this offer, Images and Links page. All products veiwed may still be sold as a charity for the links.

  Sometimes it can be hard to see how, where,what is being booked,and where it is going. Dark Crystall Collections And Entertaienment has decided that this is a question that almost everyone needs answering. Once the construction has concluded,when you click on the menu,clicking the Booking and Shipping,will take you to the online check out department. Unfortunately at this time placing an order would be best done by calling us on the phone. 

   Please note that if you have any questions or concerns, contacting us by phone will be the best way for us to cator to you. The construction will not take long and we will have everything up and running shortly. However, we will always cator to your desires, So please never doubt the art of creating a world you see posted. Thank you for taking your time to read this.



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